Best Hanukkah (Chanuka) Blogs

Below are the best Hanukkah (Chanuka) blogs from Seeking Simcha. I hope these favorites brighten your holiday and inspire you!

  1. The Happiness of Hanukkah: part of the happiness of Hanukkah (beyond the delicious latkes and sufganiyot, of course) is knowing our purpose, which is a crucial ingredient for experiencing simcha (Jewish joy).
  2. Hanukkah and Exercising for the Right Reasons: when I catch myself being a little too concerned with my outer appearance or the number on the scale, I try to take a step back and remember how Hanukkah has shaped Jewish views of exercise.
  3. Don’t Quit Before the (Hanukkah) Miracle! if the Maccabees had said, “We don’t have enough oil to do this ceremony properly, let’s just give up,” we wouldn’t be collectively celebrating Hanukkah right now. Many of us today are facing seemingly hopeless situations and the temptation to give up is strong…

Happy Hanukkah!

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