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I have received countless blessings – a wonderful wife, three amazing children, relatively good health, a job in high-tech and a home in the Holy Land – and yet all too often I find myself vaguely sad or dwelling in negativity.

This blog will explore my journey on the path to Jewish joy. I will investigate modern and ancient techniques, and it is my hope that readers will join me in becoming happier.

Please note that I am NOT a Rabbi and I am not particularly learned (unfortunately). I am a simple Jew seeking simcha (this is an exploration). Although I don’t like labels, I belong to a Modern Orthodox beit knesset/shul in Israel (I made Aliyah nearly 14 years ago).

Seeking Simcha is meant to be a happy place. Please refrain from name calling, aggressiveness, etc. If you are depressed (or may be depressed), please immediately contact a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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One simple Jew's journey to Jewish joy (simcha) via ancient and modern techniques.