Cast of characters and location

Simcha Seeker: I’m a 39-year-old man who made Aliyah to Modi’in, Israel 14 years ago. I don’t like labels, but I belong to a Modern Orthodox beit knesset/shul. Despite the many blessings in my life, I too often find myself lacking simcha (joy).

Neetz: My wonderful Israeli wife, who does so much for me and the children on a daily basis.

Avi: Our first-born and a ball of energy. He’s nearly eight years old and quite sharp.

Ya: Our five-year-old princess.

Dovi: Our adorable baby (he’s not yet a year old). He was born prematurely, so we are a little protective.

*These are of course NOT our real names (they have been changed to protect the innocent…and me). 

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One simple Jew's journey to Jewish joy (simcha) via ancient and modern techniques.